Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hello! introduction, and my bag project

fabric for the bag
from Hancock Fabrics

Hello! I'm RheLynn, from Tennessee. My friend Chris told me about this blog, because she knows I want to make this messenger bag from the craftster forum! She also knows my sewing projects have been taking over my 'knitting blog.' *grins* Yes, they have.

I've made bags before, but never to the level of quality I am hoping for in this project. My goal is to improve my finishing techniques.

My daily carryalong has recently begun to fray and fall apart at the handle -- and I can't repair it :o( So, a new bag it is (with a strong handle!). I'll be glad to see the other projects as they come along too. The skirts looked great! I have a skirt in mind also, for later, too bad I missed that project :o(

I like Asian patterns and also Marimekko, so these fabrics are my attempt at those themes, except with local resources.. which aren't much unless you drive to Memphis or Nashville. The white fabric is for the outside of the bag, and the patchwork Asian fabric will be the lining. I hope to include a few extra pockets in the pattern.

Nice to meet you! You can find me over at my blog KnitOwl for everything else!