Monday, March 06, 2006

Late Introduction

Hi! This is a late introduction. My name is Robyn and I live in the Washington D.C. area. I am so excited about this sew-along, because I had taken up a little bit of sewing recently because I have bad tendinitis in both wrists and have been on knitting probation since early I had been seeking solace with my sewing machine to get my fiber fix (I also made a diaper bag recently..see blog here for pics). The diaper bag came out well (easy...a series of rectangles sewn together) so I have the confidence now to try a skirt. I have not attempted clothing yet (only quilts and the 1 bag). I am going to go with the Simplicity Pattern 4885 (Easy Chic). I chose this one because it also had a pattern for a tank and a jacket. I haven't picked out the fabric yet--I'm thing something black & white--maybe a toile like the diaper bag. Hopefully, I can get this done by March 20. I work better under a deadline though so the procrastination can help.