Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm very Tardy.

Since I was onboard and game for this so early on, I kept kicking myself to get over here and post an intro, then post my pattern/fabric picks, but I didn't and I don't have any good excuses. I am doing so now (you know, now that I am FINISHED and under the bell! Literally.). It's me, Anjo (aka the CraftyModster), mum of 2, from the Pacific NW (the Seattle area to be more exact), an avid yet obsessed knitter who used to sew & desperately wanted to return to it. What a grand opportunity to do so!

I opted to sew this skirt for my 4 year old gurl. And boy did I pick the world's most simplest of patterns! I knew with my time restraints and everything else in life I needed to re-intro myself to this craft slowly and easily. Did I take the easy route? Why, yes I did. BUT I finished my assignment!

Some details:

After much narrowing down of pattern & fabric, with help from one lass, I chose Pattern #6423 from "New Look," and a very vivid (read: loud) retro-mod fabric I had in stash (and after buying some other fabric, I went with figures!) (More on the pattern/fabric-picking progress HERE):

Like I said, very simple, super easy, straight A-line, elastic waist. I added some trim and an attempt at an applique, which is pretty much overkill, but I wanted to add something to it, you know. This is the finished skirt (have your sunglasses at the ready):

Here is the skirt on my favorite girl:

Here's one more, the full body shot, complete with our favorite facial expression (aka...the tongue):

For further dets, info & photos, please go and take a gander at My Blog (there are a few posts here and there about this project).

This has been such a hoot, sewing again! Thank you so much for the opportunity to dust off my sewing machine (Mari, Stephanie & YaiAnn). I have been amazed and utterably blown away by everyone's skirts, not to mention pretty dern intimidated (you all rawk!). I really love the fact that in most photos of your skirts, you put your fancy shoes on to go with your fancy new skirts. Lovely! Of course mine is barefooted, which is cool too.

I can't wait for our next assignment, which I promise to not wait until the last second, and b) will attempt to challenge myself a bit more. What will we be sewing?! Just some ideas (okay, things I've been dying to make someday!): Bag/purse/tote, flower brooch, quilt (mini-quilt?). I'm giddy with anticipation and of course will go for anything!