Thursday, March 09, 2006


Here is my first finished skirt. All nice and wrinkly, heh. This was totally not the skirt I was planning to sew. That skirt is sitting unfinished back at my apartment in New Mexico. I'm visiting family in Hawaii now and just started a whole new skirt based on a pattern I found lying around in my bedroom (thanks to my mom for not throwing it out after all this time). The instructions were missing so I had to fudge some parts. The waist is simple elastic and the pattern was cut on the bias. I bought the fabric at this great place called Discount Fabric Warehouse (a whole huge warehouse full of fabric). They had Amy Butler prints for $4.99 and of course I couldn't resist. Plus they had a pattern sale. So I'm 3/4 done with another skirt. Hopefully I'll post a finished pic of that one soon.