Monday, March 06, 2006

Somedays the Bear eats you

So I joined the sew-a-long some months back. It took me forever to find a pattern I liked, but when I did it only cost $1! Woo hoo for sales!

It took me much longer to find fabric that I liked and I ended up only spending about $22 on it - I really like this fabric.

I decided that I really wanted to finish the skirt today, now that I had all the pieces (I picked up a zipper and thread and interfacing at JoAnn's over the weekend). So I spent over two hours cutting the pattern, pinning it to the fabric and cutting it out. I was going to quit then, but I wanted to finish! So I sewed the side seams and tried it on - it fit! Woo! I added the waistband and got ready to put in the zipper. Oops. Bought a 22" zipper. Needed a 7". Not sure how I screwed that up (though I think the zipper was misplaced at the store). so I decided I'd go back to the store, but first I wanted to try it on again. Um yeah. Doesn't fit. At all. About 4 inches too small around. Really ticked off.

I bought the pattern according to my dress/pant/skirt size (in between an 8 and a 10 depending on the store). Should have paid more attention. According to Simplicity, I needed a size 18!!!!!!! Yikes. Feeling like a fatty.

I have been wanting to lose a few inches in my midsection, and now I'll have to if I want to wear this. However, I was wondering if I could modify the skirt for now - add a side triangular section to give more ease on the zipper side. Anybody have any experience doing this? Your help is greatly appreciated!

(Blogger won't let me upload pictures. They can be seen here.)