Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, I finished -- but watch out, this may hurt your eyes

So, I finished -- my first time ever alonging ON TIME! But I forgot to get someone to take a picture this morning, so here's a blah picture of my skirt on the floor. Next to it is the one that I still have to hem to complete my mother-daughter master plan. My daughter actually "picked out" this amazingly bright fabric about a year ago when she was a little over a year old. (She pointed to it and said "ooh, pretty flowers!") I don't know if I'll have to guts to actually wear mine outside, but I finished, it fits, and I'm happy. I used susan*stars simple A-line skirt kit -- which was perfect and so easy for someone with the sewing machine phobia that I had. I really did do it in less than two hours. And most of my lines are almost straight. I will try to get a real photograph and more details up tonight. To our hostesses -- thank you so much for starting this -- now I'm all geared up to work on some of the patterns I've been staring wistfully at for so long.