Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm so excited to join...

My name is Rhiannon and I can be found at RhiannKnits where I am sometimes a very good blogger but most of the time a huge slacker.

I started knitting in late 2003 when I was living in Alaska (they have the BEST yarn selection up there!) and have been obsessed ever since. I mostly use patterns that I alter to my liking (I don't think I have ever followed a pattern exactly) and have designed a few of my own. Not much, just a couple of bags.

I first learned to sew while pretty young, my mom used to make most our clothes while growing up. She was an amazing sewer, making her prom dresses, my sister's prom dresses and used to have a business making little girls dresses. Somehow I missed out on her making my prom dresses, we just found them SOOOO cheap in the store (I bought one of them for $20). So I made small things with a lot of help from her. But when I really began was about 6 months ago when I received a sewing machine as a wedding present. Now my love for knitting is shifting around, but not being entirely neglected.

I was inspired by a bag I saw on etsy that had a tie making up the handle, sides and base of a purse, so I bought some ties to make my own pattern. However, I am very busy with school, so I found a pattern for an entire tie purse and will make it for this project. I have a very good friend who wants one as well, so I will be making two at once. These are the two ties I already have, so I am going to try to commit to a brown/blue/orangey color theme for mine. I hope I can find 13 ties of these color combos. We are hitting the thrift stores this weekend!