Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hi all!

I’m excited to join in on the sew-along. I admired everyone’s skirts last month but since I’m lacking in both a sewing machine and sewing machine skills, I didn’t attempt one. Now bags, bags are something a sewing-machine illiterate like me can actually accomplished! (Hmm…hope I didn’t just jinx myself there since I don’t have too much sewing experience.) Coincidentally, I just bought this wonderful book of bag patterns two weeks ago and have really been wanting an excuse to try out some of them. Here are the two that I am trying to decide between and some possible fabric (though more choices from Reprodepot are waiting for me at the UPS warehouse). I think the spotted tote bag would make a perfect knitting bag.

I did a test of the cut-outs on the purse with the three fabric in the above photo (more details about what this test piece got turned into on my blog) and am not sure if I like the effect.

Would light spots on a dark background and uniformly sized spots look better? What do you all think?