Monday, March 20, 2006

Which excuse should I use?

Hi Everyone!

I never got the chance to introduce myself as time is not in abundance these days. My name is Sarah and I am a new mom. Yep, and there we go with excuse numero uno for not completely finishing my skirt on time. As others have pointed out you actually have to concentrate when sewing and three month olds are not too supportive at times.

Excuse number two involves the sewing machine I was hoping to show you a picture of. It looks a lot like this one. So, um, blind hem function, what's that? Zipper foot? Don't get me wrong...I love the machine. It is my mother in-laws and luckily she knows it very well but it is very sensitive which means everything takes a loooong time.

ok, here is what I have to show you:

Bird skirt (4)

I found the fabric at Marche Saint Pierre. They have a section of fun and colorful fabrics and this one caught my eye right away. I used Simplicity 4546.

Bird skirt (1)

So, what's not done? Oh the hem around the bottom...but I will get to that tomorrow when there is better light. This will give the skirt a better length (just below the knees). I also need to iron it. And I was hoping for more artistic photos but you'll have to wait for that too. I was lucky to get one photo where I wasn't holding the baby!

I learned so much from this project. I hope to put together a post with more about that and better photos for my blog but right now I am off to a crying baby!