Sunday, March 26, 2006

DONE! Not happy, but it's done

So here it is, not the best picture, but it's what DH took. I personally just wanted it taken! Okay, so I have learned I hate sewing skirts! Well, hate is a strong word, but I really dislike it.

I learned several things, one of which, I can't read a pattern to save my life! Two, I have no clue what basting, selvage, darts and more sewing terms are. Even with a dictionary it was difficult to understand what it all meant. Thirdly, even thought I measured and remeasured and tried and tried, I made the skirt too big in the waist and too big in the hips. I mean, it'll stay on and not fall off, but it's still too big and I have no clue how to fix it without it looking horrible.

The skirt isn't finished. I have flat out given up. DH tried to help with the hem, but I had no luck with it. so it's not hemmed which is why it's floor length (well, that and I'm super short so it doesn't help!) and it's why I'm having to hold it up at the waist just so the bottom might be even.

If you wish to read more about this ordeal, check it out on my blog. I'm sure you'll be amused, plus I have lots more pictures to view over there.

I haven't minded trying to do this, even though going into this I figured I'd fail to finish. Not because I didn't try, but because I suck at sewing outfits!

Well, I do plan on making the next project because I have sewn bags before and I hope that I can do it!

TTFN! Happy day!