Friday, March 10, 2006

can it really be done?

First of all let me say something to all the people who have completed their projects: wow! amazing! all your skirts look soooo cool! I'm dying with project-envy!

Now, the real reason for this post: I'm seriously thinking about quitting. As you remember (maybe you do, if you read my post) I am very new to the sewing thing. I tried to do a simpler project (an apron) a couple of weeks ago and failed miserably, there is something seriously wrong with my sewing machine and I can't figure out how to fix it. It's probably something simple if I knew what I was doing. The tension of the bottom thread is all out of whack. And yes, I've tried everything, except tinkering little by little with the bobbin tension... I have yet to muster the patience to do this. So if I figure out how to correct the tension problem do you think it is still very possible to complete the project? I feel like the slacker kid in school a couple of days before a major paper was due asking everybody how far along they were into it and hoping to find the one other kid who hadn't started yet but was totally relaxed and confident that it could be done.