Friday, March 03, 2006

project plans

I'm not sewing a skirt for my daughter after all. I found a tiered skirt exactly like what she wanted and it was on sale.

So I'm sewing a skirt for myself instead. I scoured all my Japanese sewing books for a skirt pattern. I am picky about the skirts I wear because I'm hippy, not seventies-hippie, but of the ample-hips variety. I don't like how I look in straight skirts or A-line skirts in stiff fabrics. Most of my skirts are bias cut skirts in soft fabrics. I even wore bias cut skirts with elastic waistbands when I was many months pregnant. So I am sticking with the familiar and will attempt to sew the grey skirt pictured in this Japanese book, using either this stretchy black jersey with tiny white dots or the other black fabric with embossed flowers. There may not be enough of the jersey fabric and I will know only after I have drawn out the pattern. You can't see the 2 fabrics, they just look like one black mess in the photo. As I can't read a word of Japanese, I was wondering how to layout the patterns on the bias and I found this superb photo illustration. I am hoping to get it done this weekend, fingers crossed.