Monday, February 06, 2006

Greetings from San Francisco!

Hi everyone, yaiAnn here. First I'd like to say thanks to all of you that joined our sew-along. It should be a great feeling knowing that you're in the company of over 70 Sew-I-knitters! So how did I get started in all of this? Well my first experience in garment crafting started with knitting. I unfortunately never got the chance to take any type of sewing classes when I was younger. My mother was a seamstress back in Thailand and when she came out to America never got the chance to pass on her sewing skills to me because she was busy starting up and running a business with my father. So my first experience with sewing started when one of my friends told me she would be teaching classes at this new sewing studio in San Francisco. From there I took a basic sewing class, a tote bag class and a hemming class and I was off. Since then I've only sewn knitting needle cases, and bags and of course tackled some hemming. I'm really looking forward to sewing with you all. (And I'm definitely sure that my mom will be excited to know that I'm actually sewing clothes. She thinks knitting is a waste of time.)

I bought two patterns for this sew-along and hope to at least get through one. The first one I'm attempting is McCall M3341, a basic a-line skirt. When I get through with that I want to make the pieced skirt from Simplicity 4966. I haven't had the chance to go fabric shopping yet, but plan to this weekend. I'm hoping to find some wool or other suiting material so I can wear it to work. But before I allow myself to do a stitch of sewing on my skirt, I have to finish hemming this pile of pants I've had lying around. How's that for motivation?