Wednesday, February 08, 2006

an intro

I've been wanting to improve my sorry sewing skills for the past few years. My only real lessons were in junior high, where I managed to sew my own sleeve to the quilted pillow top we were working on. My mom, a former home ec. teacher, always threatend to teach me but it just never worked out.

For years, I had my mom's ancient machine but I'd had enough of its grumpy ways and abandoned it in Knoxville when we moved a few years ago. Which makes it sound like I was a big sewer. The sum total of my sewing in the last ten years was three Christmas stockings that I was driven to make for kid #1's first xmas. I cross-stitched our initials on 'em and everything. I think they are charming.

About six weeks before the most recent yuletide, I realized that we had another baby. Or, rather, I realized that the new baby would require a stocking as well, even if he's too young to care. I'd borrowed a sewing machine to stitch kid #2's Halloween gnome hat. I borrowed it again to finish up his stocking.

During the post-holiday sales, I bought my own machine. Since then it has sat in my closet in its box. I keep telling myself that I'll get around to really doing something one of these days.

A perfect storm of events made me get off my tush and realize one of these days is now. First, I stumbled upon this sew=along via whip-up and thought it was a neat idea. Second, a friend pointed out the new sewing machine still in its box, which reminded me that I had one. Third, and most distressingly, my hands hurt, especially when knitting.

And so now seems like a great time to try something new.

The pattern is New Look 6433. I'll be attempting E.

In large friendly letters on the packet's front is the word "easy." I have chosen to believe the large friendly letters. There seems to be a zipper involved, however, so the whole easy thing may be crap.

Now I simply (ha!) need to find some fabric. Details TK.