Tuesday, February 07, 2006

introduction (hello!)

Reading through all these introductions is so inspiring!

I sewed before I knit, for years, and quite obsessively, too... but after an unfortunate crafting incident (my sewing machine started smoking one summer afternoon... then when I moved at the end of the summer it got lost... then I discovered knitting, and you get the picture, right?) I just lost track. I now have a shiny new sewing machine, and have made one little baby outfit for my neice. While making it, I realized that I am very out of practice! Honestly, I thought I would finish the entire outfit in one night, and it took me... much longer than that. I'm so pleased to join this knitalong. For my pattern, I'd like to try to draft my own (simple) pattern using the knitting software I have for skirts. I think if I choose to do a simple shape, I can do it. I'm looking to learning along with everyone else, and getting a cute new skirt as well.

Oh- I'm Mary-Heather, my blog is Rainy Day.