Thursday, February 16, 2006

sewing machine dilemma

I used to make a lot of skirts... when I was little I inherited my Gran's hand-cranked Singer. I used it loads and it (mostly) did what I asked it. But then I got ambitious... I wanted to do zig zags, buttonholes, complicated things... So I gave away the Singer and bought a new electric machine. Which has sat underneath various tables for more than ten years, unused. Last month a friend offered me a hand-cranked Singer which he had just cluttering up his house.

So, I'm hoping this skirt will help me get back in the creative groove sewing-wise, with one or other of the sewing machines (someone hit me if I dare to try and handsew it all).

I'm a great bodger and not particularly good at following instructions, so me and sewing patterns don't get on too well. I saw this great picture in a 1952 magazine of Vogue knitting patterns and I'm going to try and create a similar skirt (might knit the jacket too eventually).

Now my waist is not as amazing as hers so we'll see if I can create something actually wearable... I'm planning a pleated chiffon overskirt over a plain gathered underskirt with a big waistband make of slightly stretchy fabric.

P (either Philippa or Petulant from England)