Saturday, November 25, 2006

Surviving the Holidays

Eldest finished up another session of Floor Hockey last week.
Here he is as center in the red.

He sure loves to play. I don't think that it is hockey so much as running around with a stick, but whatever.

Happy belated Turkey Day.
I begged off the turkey this year.
1. I don't like turkey
2. The expected company canceled.
3. 12 pounds of turkey is too much for 5 people, 2 of which won't eat any anyway.

So I made a chicken.

You can see here what the Mister and his Mom worked on after the feast. It must have been another discounted puzzle, it ended up a couple shy of 550. Or it could have been INBA feeling short of attention and running his hand across the table and sending pieces flying. One cannot be sure. Oh, yes, that is pea pod with a pod top. Oh, Yes, the pea has arrived... more later.

One may as well go on and on about the holidays.. here is the intended for the niece.
I must admit, I am very proud of the Sven.
I have since finished it. I am not so keen on the invisible cast on for the sleeve... not really seeing the benefit of that. Quite a pain, it was, to knit that little cuff onto a whole sweater that I had to turn so frequently. Maybe that is just me.

So much for Clandestine
The Mister, so happy to be playing with new picture software that came with my lovely new printer... uploaded my pictures and gave the MIL a slide show... including the sock that I am making for her. Oh, please, he knew it was for her. Oh, please, don't even act like it was my fault for taking the pic in the first place. Whatever. The point is, she never looks at my blog and now she is expecting these socks(on the right,) which I must say I want to keep for myself. The other sock is my newest sparkly sock (schoeller & stahl, Fortissima Colori Socka Color Disco, #9051.) I have not cast on the second because I needed to use the US2s for INBA's red socks... the things I do for my children.
I have cast on MIL's other sock, so she will indeed get a pair... but I just have such a hard time giving away my socks. I guess maybe I need to make ugly socks for gifts. But then I won't enjoy making them. I just don't know how to resolve this.
Cheesy Holiday
So I am part of the Newcomer's Club for the place that I now live. And at some weak moment I agreed to be on the board of said club and organize some activities. Anyway, the President decided that for our meeting next week we should have an ornament exchange. So, I made this darling little mitten. Mostly just so I could use my fair isle book. I want to keep it, too.
Can you believe how downright selfish I am?

So Go for A Walk.
I need a picture for the holiday cards. I did not make a studio appointment like I have been talking about doing for a month. Still need a picture, have to try to get one myself.

Unfortunately, this is the mood the boys were in.

"Is that a nice smile?"
"Never mind."

"Could you uncross your arms?"
"No, I don't want to walk anymore."
"I will stop taking pictures if you give me just one nice one."
"I want to go home."

Oh, sure they sat nice on a rocky cliff and looked at the creek way down below...

But isn't this little (9lb, 23inch) boy going to be gorgeous in a peapod?

Oh, such an angel!!! It is killing me not to be on a plane to some place warm right now!!