Thursday, January 31, 2008

First piece ever

This is my very first posting here, and my first refashion project. I am not sure if I do it right, but I am willing to learn. And please excuse my english.

Because I felt in love with that refashion idea, I am collecting old garments now, and try to make them fresh and pretty.
First piece I saw was an old nightgown, my mother gave me years ago for a week I had to spend in hospital. I never wear such ugly gown, and I wanted to put it in the waste bin.
But then I read about refashion, and I saved it for later use. It was my first try with refashioning, but I think it should be "make 1 new garments from 2 old", right?
This nightgown was worn out, the seams damaged and no shape at all. First I put it into the washing machine with some fabric dye, for that purple touch. Then I bought a bit of blue rubberband and bias satin ribbon. The rubberband now gives the gown a new shape.
The satin ribbon was sewn on the neckline, and to the edge of the sleeves. And I put some ribbon to the lower seam line for an additional festive touch.
I hope I used the correct sewing terms, if not, please correct me.
The pictures are bad, sorry for that, I actually have to use a very old digital camera.

This is the gown "before" the alterations:

And here you can see my -tadaaaa!- "new" nightgown. For a few bucks.