Saturday, December 30, 2006

All Done!

Well, i did it, and in the nick of time. I celebrate Christmas four times - once with my honey at home before we go home to our parents' places, once with my family, once with his, and again with his extended family. Then, on January 7, i celebrate Orthodox Christmas too! At least there we don't exchange gifts, so i didn't have too too many to make!

I ended up making something for all 20 people on my list. Some things were small like transfer images on cloth hankies, while others were larger projects like 6 placemats. All in all, each person/cat/dog got an individualized gift and i think are quite happy with it.

I wrote about it on my blog, and have pictures on flickr, but i think it's the inspiration of this group that helped me kick it in gear!

And, luckily for me, my sister also made me gifts too - she made me a lavendar/flax seed massage pouch and a fabulous purse! Thanks sis!

Happy Holidays everyone!