Monday, December 11, 2006

Coming Along Nicely

With the assumption that the recipients of my gifts will not find this particular blog, i wanted to share with you my progress. About 80% of the gifts i had planned to make are completed and waiting to be wrapped. I just have to finish knitting a shawl, do some transfer work on some hankies, make some soaps and dog biscuits, and also see what is on some of my family's wish list so i know if i could make anything for them. So, i think i'm coming along rather nicely. Unfortunately for my partner, i can't really make his presents because he's around when i'm crafting. I'll have to try to sneak around him!

Already finished are:
1) Two tea pot cozies (one is pictured here)

2) Six placemats

3) Cat tunnel

4) Baby bloomers (for our nephew, who's dad Loves Star Wars)

5) Knit Scarf

6) Hot Plates and Oven Mitts

7) Table Runner (pictured folded to fit frame)

8) Sock Monkey

Back to the grind i go!