Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Sewing Done

Actually, I finished before the holidays, but I didn't want to post pictures on the net before my recipients received their sewn gifts. The first picture is of the oven pad that I made for my Texas granny. It is sewn from some fabric that I got in Colorado on a recent vacation. It is an interesting design. It is like two hot pads connected by a padded section.

This picture is of two hot pads and three tea towels. I made these for my mom from some fabric that I picked up on the Big Island of Hawaii on recent trip there. She used to live in Hawaii and loves all thing Hawaiian. She loved these as well.

I also made three tea towels for my Kansas granny. These are made from vintage reproduction fabrics. She loves blue.

These three projects were made from a pattern that I ordered on-line. If you are interested, it is called Vintage Potluck.

They were pretty easy projects to make, although the pattern didn't give real detailed instructions and probably isn't suitable for someone's very first project.

I had a lot of fun making them and I always say that I am going to start earlier every year, but I never do. Maybe we should do Christmas sewing in July!