Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another new member

My name is Eeva, but more often I'm called zeska over the internet. I do knit and I do sew. I also bead, paint, draw, program with matlab, dye, bake and the list goes on. I guess I grew up to handscrafts as sort of a lifestyle. I'm also from Finland, a place known mostly for being cold. I'm also not a native speaker of English so just bear with me and all my mistakes with the language.

I decided to join once I saw that the project for this month was a top. You see: a friend of mine is getting married in late June and I need something to wear. I have two lovely skirts to wear, but nothing for my upper torso. I guess I'd like to do a jacket as my project, but if that isn't "top" as such, I need to finish a top for it also. (I just want to do the jacket part since finding a top to fit it is much much easier).

The pattern I'll be using is Burda's 8103, a jacket for women in larger sizes. My fabric is 55/45% linen-viscose blend with a lovely golden print on it. The four rolls of grey yarn on top of the fabric are a reminder for me to get in touch with my overlock machine, the local yarnstore (oops, fabric store really... I do knit too much.) didn't have anything that would match better ... And I'll probably be doing a mock version of the jacket too, just to see how it fits.

Here is a close up of the print on the fabric. It really glimmers a bit so I guess it should be fine for a bit more festive jacket to pair with a wide skirt and some nice top.