Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bagaholics Anonymous anyone?

I hope no one minds me posting this here, but I've been so impressed with all the gorgeous and creative bags that people have made over the last two months that I couldn't help but create a blog just for bags and the makers of them.

It’s called Bagaholics Anonymous and is a place for us all to meet and show off the bags we’ve made. Got a problem, come to us!

Making bags is not shameful anymore. Come out of the closet and be proud!!
Send Linda or me lolly_de(at) gmx(dot)de an email telling us about your problem along with your blog URL and we’ll add you to the list of sick people contributors.
Then you can just post away. Show off your creations. Hear from others that can’t get enough.
Tell your neighbours, tell your friends!
Here are two buttons to show others that you are getting help, or in our case help in the form of acceptance.

BA button BA button

Satisfy that inner need for more bags. Join us in our quest to unleash the bagaholic in all of us!