Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm new!

My name is Penny and I am a new member. I found this blog after the last sewalong started, and thought all of your bags were fantastic. I have been sewing for years, since I was in about 8th grade. Then I got into quilting, and have knitted all along. Most recently, knitting has taken over my crafting life, and is threatening to take over the rest of it too!

I have two small children, a 3-year old boy, and a girl who will be 10 months on Saturday. So, since I am trying to lose some baby fat, and I don't want to try to fit a top to me, I will be sewing for my daughter! McCalls 3603 is my pattern selection. I have not found THE fabric yet... I am bad about getting a picture in my mind of the fabric I am looking for, and then cannot find it in any store. If I don't find something perfect in the next day or so, I'll settle for close to perfect :) I'll probably make the capris too, they are too cute!