Saturday, May 13, 2006

biggie bag

Here is my bag. I call it the "biggie bag". It's roughly based on a Japanese design...I finally gave up trying to literally interpret the directions and just got as close as I could. I eyeballed all the measurements and pretty much tore (vs. cut) most of the fabric.

The canvas is from the art supply store, what they sell for stretching. There's heavy interfacing inside (and I have enough for another bag!) The green is thrifted...I have enough left over for a skirt still in the works. The handles are doubled up twill tape, also from the thrift store. And the stripe...well, against all principles, I bought it at Beverly's full price.

But isn't it perfect?!
I love everything about this bag. I love the colors, the size (generous! Must hold beach items, etc.), the pockets, and the fact that it took me oh, maybe two hours to make. I can't wait to use it on Monday, and it'll be even funner when I get that matching skirt made!

Great a - long! Bring on the next project!