Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Looking forward to sewing again with you gals!

When I saw the topic of shirts, I thought : "eeek!". I was NOT looking forward to getting a garmet to fit me and look nice, then I remembered a project in my holding bin: a shirt for my daughter.

I saw the idea I'll be using in the Handmades newsletter almost 2 years (?) ago and loved it (their website has a ton of idea outfits). It's a little sleeveless smocked blouse with Hello Kitty's head picture-smocked in the center. The bright pink fabric will be the top and the Kitty patterned fabric might be a little skirt or capris. The catch is that there is no pattern for the head, but the owner was nice enough to send me an idea of how to make my own. Should be fun to figure out. Now - can I get this done in time?