Monday, July 24, 2006

Better Late than Never

I too am a bit late in posting but i just had to share my top - it's the first top i've made for myself 'from scratch!' And it fits! I made most of it before July 15, but then 'life got in the way' (work deadline, my celebration aka wedding, good summer weather). But now that two of the 3 are done, i finished this top today.

I made it from a Simplicity pattern, and other than the collar, it really was simple. I used black eyelet fabric, vintage flower buttons, and i made the bow separate so that it can be either around the collar or the waste - which is the way i like it today.

I can't believe the next theme is quilting because i have a quilt that's waiting to be finished (well, actually started even) so this will be my inspiration! I have been collecting vintage hankies and have finally got just about enough to start the quilt/bed cover. This will be my next big project.