Monday, July 17, 2006

Late, but not truly.

I have had my project done for almost 2 weeks now, I just haven't had the time to come here and gab about it. But here I am now!

I actually ended up making not one, not two, but THREE tops. I was fairly unsatisfied at how they kept turning out, so I guess I just kept making a new one, due to frustration. It was mainly 'fit' that was causing the grief.

Top #1 was for my wee lass (Simplicity #4206).

It turned out too short (I even added length to begin with!), boxy, overall tent-like. Pretty unflattering.
Here's another photo, but don't let it fool you. It looks okay, but we did some strategic modeling to make it look so.

#2 I attempted for myself (New Look #6239). Just to sum it up, I made a much larger size than I should have, which equated to unwearable, ill-fitting even-larger-tent, in the end.

I am hoping I will be able to adjust it. If not, I will rip it out, as it's such a waste of fabric. Very depressing, this one, as I was having such a joyful time sewing it up. I will have to try another top for myself in the future, just not anytime soon.

The Third time's a charm, right?! So I made #3 for my daughter (again)...less fabric waste, you know, just in case. This one turned out fine (Simplicity #4610), thank goodness. I added an inch to the patterns' length, and rickrack trim to the bottom.

It fits! What a complete relief!

A side view.

I apologize for the bombardment of visuals, but there's even more on my blog (& the "top" saga!), fyi.

I am so looking forward to the quilting project! I have so many ideas....and need not 'fit' any one person....just perhaps a pillow form, or the back of a couch, or a baby's hand, etc... Love that! ;~) ).