Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hi, my name is Manda, and I'm a knitter.
(Hi, Manda)

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :) My name is Manda; I'm 25, and I live in Dallas, TX. I blog here and here, and sometimes I podcast, but I don't think I'm very good at it. ;) I currently knit like nobody's business, but I've had a yen to bring my sewing machine out of hiding for a couple months now. This is the kick in the pants I've been looking for. :)

The last time I really sewed anything was in my 7th grade Home Ec class. Actually, I say that, but now that I'm thinking about it, I tried to sew a purse together a few years ago... before I got the sewing machine.

I'd wanted one for the longest, and I kept saying "Man, I want a sewing machine." My mom wanted to get me one, but my stepdad talked her into giving me hers and getting her a brand new one. I'm cool with that.. it's whatever. Mom was doing some serious quilting around that time, and since I (really) hadn't sewn much since 7th grade, I was cool with that. THat and I already sorta "knew" her machine, and didn't have to learn a new one.

I received it for my 23rd birthday. A month after I seriously started knitting.
It's been in it's home-made case thing since I got it. My 26th birthday is in October. ;)

I'm going to be making the Strip-Quilted bag, which is a free pattern I found at while searching for quilt patterns on a whim. It's small. It's not a huge quilt, and I think I can successfully complete it within the given time frame.

My best friend and I have a "date" to hit up a couple JoAnn's and Michael's and Hobby Lobbys in search of spiffy fabric. I'm not sure if she's officially joined or not, but I know she was thinking about it. :)

Take care! :D