Sunday, July 23, 2006

Umm, more than just a bit late...

I know I've missed the dealine for the top sew along, but I finally finished something!

Remember this top?? I think I'd nicknamed it the Kimono top from hell...

Well thanks to the "magic" that my new dressmaker form holds, it now looks like this:


Pattern: McCalls 4304. View A
Fabric: I think it was from Spotlight, so long ago.
Time frame: You're joking, right? umm, almost a year....
but 2 hours to finsh from the first photo to complete.
Things I'd do different: Longer in the bodice and choose different sleeves, a combination of the length of view B and the sleeves of view C.
These ones are boxy, ok, but boxy (or "funny" as DH said)
It's funny, because for all this time the facings were giving me grief, and the minute I put it on the form it all fell into place, it just clicked. WOW, see magic!
Now if I can go with the magical flow and get thru the rest of my to do list.....
By the way, any suggestions for a name for the dressmakers form?
For this round I'm hoping to get this quilt done, which I've had for a bit in kit form. I think it's just the right size for the time frame, so hopefully no more late posting!