Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All done!

I know I'm really early for the "real deadline", but my own deadline was on Thursday (morning, 8am). I finished my jacket some moments ago and not a moment too soon. I love the way it turned out (I can actually fit inside it without too much sagging or it being too small somewhere else), it still needs a bit of ironing, but that's something I can still manage. But I know all of you are hungry for pictures so here comes:

It is taken with flash, but that's ok because the beautiful golden print comes out fine on the fabric. You see, it is past 10pm here and it is bedtime soon... I guess I can finally sleep now that is done and I don't have to go to my friends's wedding naked ;). The pattern is still the Burda 8103, changes I made is the clasp in the front and it is 5cm shorter than it is supposed to be... The pattern is a bit challenging, but I found the instruction adequate. I don't have any formal education in sewing, but I Finland the public school program includes some basic sewing and knitting skills.