Saturday, June 24, 2006

Princess Seam Blouse/Shirt

shirt finished front

More photos can be found at my Flickr "Sew? I Knit!" page here.

Fabric: An unlabelled, mixed-fibre, blue and white striped shirting from my grannie. The warp (or is that the weft?) is a synthetic and the weft (warp?) is a natural fibre.
Pattern: From an old issue of "Essentials" magazine. Pattern number E177
Modifications: Well - I modified the front pieces to accomadate my "boobage", turned the 1 piece sleeve into a 2-piece so I could add width at the upper arm without altering the sleeve cap, I ended up using the attatched facing strip as extra frontage becuase it was still too tight on me without it! I cut a new facing crosswise on the fabric. I did the same at the back of the collar and collar stand.