Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hi there! I'm a new member. My name is Joanne (listed on the sidebar as Joanna W.) and I plan to make New Look pattern #6515, view B (the dark blue one on the bottom. I may make the sleeveless version if it proves to be hard going):

I am an almost-complete sewing newbie. I've only sewed one pattern, a Burda wrap skirt. The cheerful "easy" printed on the pattern is somewhat reassuring but I'm skeptical of zippers. My husband, who has a couple months more sewing experience than I do (and so is the "expert" in our immediate family) claims that zippers aren't too difficult but has a few horror stories about trying to ease sleeves.

I plan to make this out of an abstract Batik-print cotton.

Other than that, I am a sock-knitter, an artist (by hobby), a computer wrangler (by trade) and I would really, really like to learn to sew nice clothes that fit because (like many people) I'm convinced that clothing designers hate me.

This blog is just the kick in the pants I need to get this done, so thank you for providing it to help us newbies along!