Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Finished Bag

This bag was actually finished over a week ago, but I am slow in the photo-taking department. To recap, I chose to make a bag using a Craftster tutorial with fabric from Ikea and Wal-mart. I winged it for the most part, making up things as I went along. The measurements were dictated by my desire for a bag that would hold a magazine, notebook, and/or I took a book, measured it, and added a couple inches. Once I got over the intimidation factor of 20 different fabric pieces scattered all over my table and started piecing things together, making the bag was actually fun! (Although slicing into the finished parts to put in the magnetic snap was a bit scary, too. But it worked like a charm!)

My bag doesn't have any special features, aside from a magnetic snap and a little cell phone pouch. However, I was on such a roll that I took the leftover lining fabric and made a lined pouch with a velcro closure to hold my girly stuff (like hand lotion, lip gloss, etc.)

I'm very happy with the way my bag turned out- the contrast of the crazy geometric lining with the relatively neutral exterior is super. My mom (who is a die-hard quilter) saw it and thought it was something that I had bought in a store; when I told her that I actually made it myself, she was shocked (as she is very familiar with my previous less-than-successful sewing exploits) and then asked if I could make her one. I am already planning out my next bag; I think it will be a slouchy hobo-style bag with some embroidery. I adore seeing all of your bags- keep them coming!