Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Choices, choices

I am so impressed by all the wonderful work I see here! There seems to be a river of creativity that just keeps flowing, and it's full of BAGS.
I on the other hand, need some help deciding....which bag?
Those of you who went to my site thinking there were pictures of bags have been disappointed. Due to inclement weather I have not posted for awhile.
So here you go. Please vote for your favorite! I'll go with the majority.
All my choices come from a Japanese kitcheny-craft book. This bag is the largest, and has pockets inside and out. I like it because it looks so French...chic for a trip to the farmer's market, or to put my knitting in.
I love the shape of the bag on the right. It actually is a bag IN a bag, with a sweet embroidered detail. (sorry for the bad pics) On the left is a sweet makeup bag and tissue holder that I don't really need but might make a good gift. Hard to see is the neat little bobble on the zipper pull. Love the bobble!
And speaking of bags within bags, here are some to toss in your purse before going to the grocery store. So eco - friendly! I could see making these as gifts too. I think they are made from kitchen towels, as are many of the other projects in this book.
And speaking of bobbles, here's a better shot. Would these count as bags?! They are so tiny and adorable. I think they look like dumplings. The shape is just so edible.
Last we have a good, all-around bag with little bags that attach and coordinate, which appeals to my resourceful nature that says I must use up every little scap of fabric I have. Again with the bobbles here on the little change purse. I must say the fabrics are adorable, I especially like the clean linen towel with the sweet little floral print.
So there you have it...I'll be waiting for votes! OK! Thanks!