Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Check it out

here's the fabric I'm making my bag out of. It's really kinda washed out in the pix I'll try to get a more color accurate pix when I'm finished. I picked up the flower fabric some time ago and the stripped just today at walmart. I'm thinking the stripes will be the inside. And the flowers outer. But I'm not positive I'll have to see when I get to sewing.
I'm not using any pattern per say. I'm jumping off the Jordy pattern from craftster and the super eggplant pattern. I'm just going to make it up myself. I want to have pockets for my knitting projects and pockets for the pattern and anything else I want to carry
anyway the sewing bug has bit me again and I'm going to a ball game this weekend and a new bag that carries the knitting things I want to bring along with my wallet and phone would be excellent. So I hope to have this finished by Friday!
I'll TTYAL have a great time sewing!