Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I did it!

I did it!!!!!!!! Although my expectations were pretty high for my first sewing project, the bag is growing on me with all it's imperfections. The seams are crooked, it took me forever to figure out why my sewing machine wasn't working (it was set to winding a bobbin instead of sewing), I had to rip it out because the handle was stuck on the inside, and the magnetic closure will pop out soon; but, I made it :) I knitted the strap out of riboon, is that okay? I just couldn't find one that I liked. I'm taking the purse on a test drive Thursday to my book club. Can't wait to see everyone elses! Thanks for starting this sew along. My sewing machine would still be languishing in the closet without this sew along. It was just the motivation I needed to give sewing a try.