Saturday, April 01, 2006

yet another new member saying hello

Hi there! My name is Maritza, and I love the idea of your sew-along, so I decided to join. This theme fits perfectly; I've been planning to make myself a small handbag for the Spring. I'm pretty excited about this. So far, I have narrowed it down to the following fabric choices:

A) Khaki cotton twill with retro-pattern Japanese fabric for the lining:

B) Textured upholstery fabric with either a pink or coral lining:

C) Retro-patterned Japanese cotton (medium/heavy duck) with a yet to be determined lining:

All of these fabric are from my existing stash as I am only using fabrics and yarns from my stash through the month of April.

The pattern will probably be of my own design. All I want is something simple and light, large enough only to carry my sock-knitting, a book, and my techie-geek devices such as iPod, phone, and camera, maybe with a secret compartment for "feminine products." I'll be posting sketches and progress shots during the week.