Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Bag At Last--Nearly

It's almost a bag. I finally dug out the heavyweight purple duck cloth that I Knew Was In the Closet Somewhere, and have made some good progress on this bag thing. I think the pink stuff is going to be a pocket on the outside, and I will sew on some black handles with the web stuff that's plopped on top of the bag-in-progress. I do sew once in a while, but it was news to me that there were sewing patterns for bags. I am of course not using one, but it's good to know. Duh, Liz. Anyhow, I'm having some second thoughts about the webbing. It's nylon, and feels kind of...icky. Maybe a fabric handle? Out of more of the pink? Or purple? I also thought I'd use some black vinyl with fleecy backing on it to make a waterproof bottom, but now that it's time to try and actually do it, I realize that I have no idea how to sew a bottom onto this tote bag thing. Not really, not without making strange cuts that would look very weird. Maybe I can do the same thing I did making the bag bottom. Ack. So there it sits on the couch, while I go back to knitting projects.

And Hi! I'm new to the sew-a-long and really enjoying the push to actually sew something that isn't a Halloween costume. I did make a skirt during March for my daughter's violin recital, so with you in spirit, there. (my usual blog is here).