Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finished on time!

I am proud to say I finished this on time this month! And to whomever thought of making a bag this month, THANK YOU!!!

I used a pattern I found at Wal-Mart, Easy stitch 'n save M5082 by McCall's. It's bag B and I used scraps that I had around the house. I only had to buy the handles and a spool of white thread.

And here it is!! I'm actually proud of this one! It turned out much better than my skirt! I'm so excited that it did too and I'm actually thinking of making more. It really only took one afternoon to make, though I spread it among three just because I had to stop to go get the kids from the bus stop and then my husband came home early one day and then my sewing machine wanted to act up!

It was actually simplier than I that it would be. There were only a few pieces to cut out and once I got the outside done, the inside was easy! I will admit that the instructions were a little fuzzy, but thank goodness there are pictures!
It even has a pocket!! I couldn't believe that I was able to do that! It's not exactly perfect, but no one is going to know except you all, but it's really hard to tell anyways.

My two daughters helped me pick out which handles to get and I think they made a good choice.

Now I just have to decide what to do with it!