Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Newbie Intro

Hello Everyone!

I am a knitter and daughter of a seamstress who has never sewn anything. I own a sewing machine and am anxious to use it. I've been waiting until after tax season to get started with my bag. The fabric is from two toss pillows I bought on clearance at the Pottery Barn outlet. I spent this weekend ripping out the seams of the pillows and discovered that sewing takes more time than I anticipated.

For the handle, I couldn't find anything I liked, sew, I decided to knit an I-cord out of ribbon. The I-cord took 10 yards and is about 16 inches long. Because the handle is short, I think I'll only end up using one of the toss pillows and will fold it in half. Sew far, I haven't actually sewn anything. Sewing takes more time than I was anticipating. I really thought I'd be able to knock out this purse Saturday and have it done for Easter. Things didn't really work out that way. I found out that sewing involves cutting fabric. Laying out all the pieces. Pinning it together. Then, finally sewing and finishing. There is no knocking out something quickly. Hopefully, I'll have a purse to show this weekend.

Thanks for having me!