Friday, April 21, 2006

Mr Bedbug's Ditty Bag by Amy Butler

Made by me for my little boy to pack his clothes and soft toys into for trips away!

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The pattern called for thicker outer fabric than I had and also thick canvas for the inner to give it shape, instead I used thin cotton and ironed thick interfacing onto it, thinner interfacing on the top portion which is doubled. I think it's worked quite well and although it's stiff at the moment it will soften with time. Little One is impressed with the outside pockets (four of them formed by the striped section at the bottom) as his soft toys can enjoy the journey stuck into them taking in the view!

There was only 2 things about the instructions to this bag that irritated me, the first was that the handle in the pictures is about twice as long as the handle in real life, so the way they have it hanging for different steps doesn't work for sewing and you have to watch out for it all the time. The second was the final bag sewing step to catch the lining and close the 4 inch turning gap and also top stitch the outside of the bag. It just wouldn't work without looking messy and also sewing across the handles which it didn't show in the pictures. Instead I slip stitched the gap closed and the top stitched a bit higher than it said and it worked out fine.

All in all an easy pattern, it took me about 3 hours to sew it and about another hour to cut the fabric and stick the interfacing on. I think I will probably make this one again and there's room for upsizing it for grown ups as well.

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