Friday, April 14, 2006

Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise
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Well, I finally finished my bag.

It was not what I had originaly invisioned , but I like it just the same. It was inspired by a $35 tote bag I saw in a store. I always say I can make something I see, but rarely do. I'm glad I made this on though!

It's a simple tote bag with a twist. I added a pocket to the outside, which will most likely be used to hold my ipod. Plus I added a pocket on the inside and a button & flap to close it at the top. I have always loved this type of fabric and one day dream of a room with this as a theme (saw a design show as a kid where they did a whole room in this stuff, I fell in love!). Plus there is a matching pencil case type bag that I will use to hold my knitting notions because this is my new knitting bag.

For more pictures, see my post on craftster:;all (Crafty_Witch15)