Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hi, I am Heather D over there on the sidebar and I am a very novice seamstress, though I've been knitting since I was knee-high. The last thing I remember completing sewing was back in 4th grade when our teacher made us handsew something that was supposed to look like Snoopy because she thought that all boys and girls should have basic sewing skills. Er, actually. I'm not positive that I ever finished that second ear...but I am fairly enterprising, so I'm sure that I'll be able to finish my project by the end of the month.

I own a sewing machine, but I am in the same situation as someone else who recently posted, in that it is stored thousands of miles away.

So, I'll be hand sewing the Amy Butler Swing Bag, which the pattern claims is reversible, even though I haven't seen a photo of the reversed side.

I have a bunch of fabric that I bought while I was living in Kinshasa (thus the blogger ID), which you can find matched up in complementary sets called "deux temps" like the set below -- I haven't decided which one I'm using yet, and the pattern is still in the mail.