Monday, April 10, 2006

Some progress at last...

So with one thing or another I hadn't touched any of the fabric I bought for potential bags but today I happen to wander by the fabric store and found a very spring/summery cotton print I just had to have to combat the rainy weather blues. Once I got home, the sewing urge kicked in and I finally made some headway on the bird purse I had decided to make (the bag with spots is on hold for now, though the knitting pouch version of it turned out well...if you have no idea what I am talking about, I posted about this here way back in can find it too on my blog here and here). I managed to cut out all the purse pieces in all the various fabrics and finish most of the applique/stitching of the bird on the front.

(You can see my new cotton print in the upper right corner.) The front piece looks a bit funny since the tucks are only pinned and not yet sewn.
So anyway, yay! Maybe I'll have a new purse by the weekend.