Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pirate book bag tutorial

This is a gift for my nephew's 7th birthday. I've filled it with pirate books and games, and gold chocolate coins....

It's just a simple bag made from Cotton Drill (or heavy furnishing fabric) Just buy a half metre of fabric, (1/2 yard). This cost me AU$4-
  • Cut a length of fabric 32" long x 15" wide.
  • Fold in half, right sides together and sew up side seams using a 1/2" seam.
  • Sew a hem around the top opening, at 1" width. (overlock [serge] or using pinking shears on raw edges). Press. Leave inside out.
  • Cut 2 straps 3" wide by 18" in length.
  • Using a 1/4" seam, fold the strap in half and sew. Turn strap in the right way and press.
  • Top stitch with 1/4" seam down both sides of strap
  • Repeat with strap #2!
  • Measure 3" in from outside seams of bag, on either side & mark with chalk.
  • Fold over raw ends of the straps (the end that will now be about 1" wide) about 1/4" and press.
  • Pin to bag with outside edge of strap resting on the inside of the chalk mark. With folded raw edge facing in and the strap sitting about 1" from the top of the bag, secure with pin.
  • Sew, making sure to backstitch at the start, a 1" saquare and the crossways across square, [x] to secure.
  • Repeat with opposite end of strap, being careful not to twist.
  • And again with strap #2 on the otherside!

Quick, cheap sturdy shopping/library/book/craft bag in no time!

If you want to add an applique, I just drew my picture, traced it onto that double sided fusible applique stuff, (visofix?) and blanket stitched around the edge. I did this before I sewed up the side seams. My machine has a groovy blanket stitch feature, so I cheated a bit!

Hope this mini tutorial helps. I now have to make a pirate bag for my 5yo son, so do you want pictures for the tutorial?