Sunday, April 09, 2006

Really basic tote bag

This is just a really simple tote bag I sewed up for the lady who did my taxes for me. She did it at a fabulous discount, and filed for two states plus federal. (She's a friend of my boyfriend's family). At least that's the plan for now. I might run across something she'd appreciate more in which case I'll give her that instead.

All that remains is sewing in the lining and straps. I haven't done that part yet because I'm considering adding a piece of plastic/cardboard to stabilize the bottom. I didn't use a particular pattern. The fabrics are Asian-inspired. The outside fabric has peacocks and other colorful birds and the inside fabric is some Victorian-esque Chinese print that I found in the reminants pile at Hobby Lobby. I only had half a yard of the peacock fabric so I couldn't be selective about how I cut it, which images would be preserved, etc.

A very simple tote, but all in all I like it. Nice and clean.

Forgot to add: There are two inside pockets to hold a cell phone, keys, etc.

Thanks for looking.